commercial civil law suit

Wazir Solicitors & Co has vast experience with effective legal remedies for resolution of all kinds of commercial & civil law matters for companies, institution, organisation, individual and other legal entities in India and Abroad

  • Suit for Permanent Injunction for Stay on Dispute Property
  • Suit for Damages for defamation or Commercial Loss etc…
  • Suit for Recovery of Money or Debt etc…
  • Suit of Breach of Contract
  • Case under Civil Procedure Code of India
  • Legal Notices under the various Acts
  • Suit against Parter or Partnership firm
  • Legal opinion or Legal investigations before purchasing the Property and Registration of Sale Deed
  • Drafting of Sale Deep/Power of attorney/Agreement to Sell etc…
  • Drafting of WILL
  • Suit for Possession of Property
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