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Drafting or Conveyancing means the art of composing or writing of documents which are either expressly intended to be, or which frequently become the subject matter of true legal interpretation. Pleading are written statements filled in the courts by each party stating his contentions and giving all details to the opponents so that case can be prepared. These documents narrate the facts and relief of the case which help in further trial. Conveyance in ordinary means transferring from one person to another. Conveyancing transactions include the exchange of contracts, where equitable title passes, and completion, where legal title passes. Conveyancing to a large extent depends on practice, usage, custom and precedents.

The drafting and conveyancing team at Wazir Solicitors & Co forms the integral part of the Firms practice. We have proficiency in drafting commercial and non commercial agreements and pleadings such as special leave petitions, plaints, written statements, PIL memos, writ petitions, interim applications by way of notice of motions, chambers summons and other legal documents. Wazir Solicitors & Co is recommended as one the best law firm in Punjab for drafting and conveyancing related assignments.

Our emphasis is on accuracy and timely delivery of the assignment. An extensive experience in drafting and conveyancing compels us to analyze the document with minute attention to detail on securing the interests of the Client. You are welcome to avail our Drafting & Conveyancing Service at nominal costs.

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