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A lot of Non Resident Indian (NRI) from around the globe use to invite their family members, parents, siblings, other close relative and family friends in India to come abroad in their Country of Residence in order to visit, meet and spend some quality time together as most of the Non Resident Indian abroad become unable to visit India to meet their loved ones and lived in their native place due to their busy job or business schedule. Hence they use to sponsor their family members, relative or friends send sponsorship & other documents to enable them for filing the same in support of their visa application as evidence for the satisfaction of visa officer.

Visit Visa Sponsorship:

Sponsorship is a Statutory Declaration document which confirming that the relationship, sufficient funds and accommodation being met by the sponsor for the person being invited to their country of residence i.e. USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Australia, Schenegan Countries etc. The sponsor become responsible for the entire onwards journey of their loved ones being invite to their country as a visitor or temporary resident. Statutory Sponsorship Declaration requires annexed with other supporting documents to support the version which enhance the chance of visa application approval in genuine cases.

Supporting Documents:

The following type of documents can be submitted in support of version in Sponsorship Declaration:

  • Invitation Letter
  • Financial Documents
  • Accommodation Arrangement Documents
  • Business or Job Documents
  • Utility or House Tax Bill
  • Other such Important Document

Who can be a Sponsor?

Any person having citizenship, work visa or other kind of legal status along with settled business or job and sufficient accommodation arrangement in their country of residence abroad can be a sponsor to send the sponsorship to their loved ones for their visit to them abroad.

Spouse Visa Sponsorship:

Since every country has its own immigration rules & regulation which usually contained the condition of minimum income threshold, accomodation arrangement, funds availibilty, character clearance, police clearance certificate, birth certificate and other requisite documents. The applicant are advised to consult the immigration expert lawyer for complete information as its vary from case to case.

Work Visa Sponsorship:

Work visa sponsorship which also called as certificate of sponsorship or visa sponsorship has a set of documents which are from the employer side abroad for the purpose of sponsoring a person with a job offer under the Immigration Rules of the respective country to work under a contract, live or later on settled permanently abroad under the course of law. Every country has made its own immigration rules and regulation under the legislation for work visa sponsorship. It is resonsibility of the applicant to arrange the documents from employer abroad for work visa sponsorship. The immigration expert lawyer can advise for the proper documentation in order to comply with the prevailing law for the same.

Being UK Qualified Solicitors, we have more than 10 year experience in drafting of Sponsorship Declaration & other required documents and advice for supporting documents as per case to case. We can act as representative of the applicant with a written authorisation letter of the applicant. For more information, you can write us.

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